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9th Peace Path Ceremony – February 11-14


This ceremony brought together 48 elders from 12 communities in Kenya, 18 from 14 clans of the Maa community, Luo, Kisii, Kikuyu, Rabbai, Digo, Giriama, Kauma, Ribe, Chonyi, Duruma and Pokomo. Also invited were youths, a Pwani University student leader and environmental club members. The workshop was flagged off by the Chairman of the Kwale elders association on 11 Feb, 2015 at the peace path at the National Museum.
During this gathering we got to learn different values and wisdom about some aspects of life from the elders. We held a discussion with students from the University of Nairobi School of Anthropology on traditional conflict management, traditional religion, indigenous medicine and meanings of artifacts and regalia used during traditional ceremonies and rituals. As is the tradition of every closing of these meetings there were gifts exchanged, music and goat eating on the last night.

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