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Running/Stuffy Nose

About the Illness

A stuffy or runny nose can result from a cold or allergy.
A lot of mucus in the nose may cause ear infections in children or sinus problems in adults.


Common Symptoms

Mucus blocking the nasal passage; runny mucus that dribbles from the nose.


Children’s Issues

It is especially important to teach children to try and wipe their noses instead of blowing them. Blowing the nose can lead to earache and sinus infection. In little children, carefully suck the mucus out of the nose with a suction bulb or syringe without a needle.


Herbal Therapy

Eucalyptus globulus Inhalation good for all

For immediate relief, add one drop of eucalyptus oil to a glass of boiling water and inhale OR pour boiling water over a handful of eucalyptus leaves and use for a steam inhalation.
This will help decongest your nose.


Lemon Juice and Water good for all

Mix 1 tsp fresh lemon juice with 1 tbsp water.
Cup in the palm of hand and sniff up nostrils.
It will burn slightly and mouth will fill with mucus.
Then spit out and keep spitting until the mucus stops.


Spiced Tea careful use for kids only

Ginger, black pepper corn, cloves and cinnamon in tea.


Food and Nutrition Advice

Avoid mucus-forming foods (dairy products, eggs and wheat).

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