About the Illness

Bronchitis is an infection of the bronchii (tubes that carry air to the lungs) which comes in two forms. Acute bronchitis is a short infection, sometimes accompanying an upper respiratory tract infection that may be either viral or bacterial.
Chronic bronchitis is a serious long-term disorder requiring regular medical treatment.

Common Symptoms

Acute Bronchitis: hacking cough; yellow, white or green phlegm usually appearing 24-48 hours after a cough; fever and chills; soreness and tightness in chest; pain below the breastbone during deep breathing.
Chronic Bronchitis: persistent coughing producing yellow, white or green phlegm(for at least 3 months of the year, and for more than 2 consecutive years); wheezing and some breathlessness.

Children's Issues


Important Information

You should seek professional help if:

  • Cough is so persistent or severe that it interferes with sleep or daily activities.
  • Symptoms last more than a week, and mucus becomes darker, thicker, or increases in volume.
        If so, you probably have a bacterial infection that requires further treatment.
  • You have great difficulty breathing. This symptom could signal asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis, heart disease or a serious allergic reaction.

Herbal Therapy

Bean Ash Solution Dissolve 1 tbsp bean ash in 1 glass water and drink 3x daily for 4 days.(All children - take 1 tsp in 1 glass water 3x daily.) Then take Sonchus schweinfurthii tea (see below) for 2 weeks.         

The ash of different plants is used for many different medical applications.
Follow these instructions for preparing each kind of ash:
  • Banana Ash - Dry banana skin then put it in a clean, dry saucepan and place this over the heat. Leave it in the saucepan until it burns to ash.
  • Maize Cob Ash - Place the maize cob in the fire and allow it to catch alight. Take it out while still aflame and leave it to burn on a clean metal surface (or in a saucepan). Once it has burned, crush it to ash.
  • Bean Ash - Use the dried remains of any part of the bean plant (the pods or husks are particularly good for this). Put the dried remains in a clean,    dry saucepan and place it over the heat until the contents burn to ash.  As these burn, add more of the dried bean plant until these too burn to ash.

Good for:Kids
Warburgia ugandensis Solution Dissolve a pinch of bark in 1/4 glass of warm water OR take 3 leaves, steep them in 1/4 glass of warm water. Take 2x daily 1 1/2 hours before meals for 4 days. Then take Sonchus schweinfurthii tea (see below) for 2 weeks.     

  • This means preparing a powder from a part of the plant which is then dissolved in water.

Good for:Adults Only
Zanthoxylum macrophylla Bark Solution Crush bark and dissolve 1/2 tsp in 1 glass water and drink 1 glass 2x daily. (10-16 yrs: 1 glass 2x daily; 6-10 yrs: 1/4 glass 2x daily; up to 6 yrs: 1 tsp 2x daily).

  • This means preparing a powder from a part of the plant which is then dissolved in water.

Good for:All
Sonchus scwheinfurthii Tea Take the whole plant and boil in a saucepan of water. Drink 1 glass 2x daily for two weeks. (10-16 yrs: 1 glass 2x daily; 6-10 yrs: 1/4 glass 2x daily; 2-6 yrs: 2 tbsp 2x daily; up to 2 yrs: do not use).

This is a good method for extracting substances from thick leaves, roots or bark.  
  • Boil 1 handful of plant material together with 1 ltr of water for about 20 minutes.  
  • Try to use a clay pot or stainless steel saucepan. Do NOT use aluminium saucepans as they can react adversely with the medicine.
  • Prepare a fresh decoction every day.  
  • If you need to sweeten the decoction, use honey instead of sugar because honey has more medicinal value than sugar.

Good for:All

Food and Nutrition Advice


Body Work and General Advice

  • Drink lots of hot water.
  • Do NOT smoke.
  • Take exercise to help build up your lung tissue.
  • Avoid cold meals and drinks.
  • Eat small meals many times a day instead of big heavy meals which push the stomach against the lungs and causes discomfort.