Using This Guide

In the Your Body section of the Interactive Guide different ailments/illnesses are arrange according to the part of the body they affect.  Click on a coloured section of the body to see a list of the ailments/illnesses for each—Head, Respiratory, Skin, Genital, Stomach—or the General Health and Diet Related Problems link.

Also, a list of several ailments common in children (Chicken Pox, Colic, Convulsions, Measles and Teething) are listed separately by clicking anywhere on the small pink figure.

When you select an illness, you will find the following information about each ailment:  About the Illness, Common Symptoms, Children's Issues, Important Information, Herbal Therapy, Food & Nutrition Advice and Body Work & General Advice.

The Herbal Therapy section will list recipes using common plants and ingredients to treat the illness and include a link to individual plants that are included in our Plant Index section.  Also, the Guide includes a picture of how to prepare the medicine, which you can click on for further instructions. 

We tell you for whom the recipe is appropriate:

  • All—good for treating adults and children
  • Adults Only—use this medicine for treating adults only
  • Careful for Kids—this medicine must be used with caution when treating children
  • Baby—this medicine is especially good for treating babies
  • Kids—this medicine is especially good for treating children.

If, for example, your child is suffering from diarrhoea, click on the image of the stomach (in the adult figure) and choose diarrhoea from the drop-down menu that appears.  One of the four treatments suggested in the Herbal Therapy section is Guava Leaf Infusion, which is good for all, including children.  On the left side of the web page you will find instructions and on the right you will find a link to Psidium guajava (the guava plant) and instructions on how to prepare an infusion.

General Health and Diet Related Problems
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